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- Tailgating will begin at 2 p.m. for 6 p.m. home games and begin at noon for 1 p.m. home games.

- You may unload your tailgate items at the tailgate entrance of Jackson Park on Fleming St. (across from the stadium) before proceeding to park your vehicle. Please note that Fleming will be shut down two hours before game time.

- Each tailgating space will be approximately 15’ x 20’ and will be marked accordingly. Tailgate spaces will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

- Each tailgating party is allowed one 10’ x 10’ tent.

- Tents/canopies must be secured. Please be mindful of underground utilities when staking tents. All amenities such as furniture, gas grills, generators etc. must be confined within your area and may not obstruct pedestrian walkways.

- Alcohol Consumption:
    - All alcohol must be purchased and consumed inside Jackson Park.  No alcohol may be brought into or taken out of the park.
    - You must be 21 or older to consume alcohol.
    - Wristbands will be distributed at the Jackson Park entrance for those 21 and older.
    - Alcohol will be served through halftime.
    - Alcohol sales are CASH ONLY

- Coolers are allowed for non-alcoholic beverages and food. No glass containers will be allowed in the tailgating area. 

- Because of fire concerns, only gas grills are allowed and must be able to be carried in  (i.e. no trailer grills)

- Sound amplification equipment must be approved. Single iPods are approved. 

- Only noise reducing generators are allowed.

- Service animals are permitted, but pets are not allowed.

- The tailgating area will close one hour after the game ends. All personal affects must be removed and your area cleaned by then. Trash must be properly disposed of in the designated containers.

- All tailgate activities are private parties. Any commercial activity is strictly prohibited. This includes advertising, giveaways, taking of orders, sales, donations, fundraisers, collecting and distributing literature, marketing or promotional materials.

- No organization or individual may sell any food, beverages, goods or services (including donations and fundraisers) at official tailgate activities except those officially contracted by TLU to provide such services.

- Individuals, groups and organizations hosting or participating in tailgate activities are responsible for their own conduct and must respect the rights of others and the TLU community. Groups hosting tailgate parties are responsible for providing their own designated drivers.

- TLU reserves the right to refuse or remove any tailgate party or individuals at any time.

- In case of emergency, call 911. For non-emergencies call TLU Police Department at 830-372-8000

NOTE:  Because of campus regulations and fire concerns, grilling and alcohol consumption will be allowed only inside of Jackson Park.

To reserve your free tailgating space in Jackson Park, contact:

TLU Alumni Office