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Athletics Mission Statement and Goals

Athletics Mission Statement and Goals
The Texas Lutheran University Intercollegiate Athletics program exists for the sake of the students at Texas Lutheran University--for their growth and development.  Intercollegiate athletics, operating under the principles of fair play and amateurism, provides equal opportunity for talented male and female students to participate in a nationally-competitive sports program that is values-based and educationally sound.
There are three goals that support this mission statement:
GOAL No. 1:  Every student-athlete who completes his/her eligibility is expected to graduate.
1. Recruit academically proficient and achievement-oriented student-athletes
2. Provide an academic support system that
   a. provides sound academic advising and counseling
   b. provides accessibility to tutors
   c. teaches efficient and effective use of study time, and,
   d. promotes the wise selection of course work and course loads, with
      specific attention given to the time and period correlation
3. Present athletics as a co-curricular activity consistent with the
   educational philosophy found in the mission statement of the university.
GOAL No. 2:  Each sport should aspire to be competitive at the national level.
1. Attract and retain a quality coaching staff
2. Recruit quality student-athletes within the framework of the institution's general financial aid policy and consistent with the NCAA Division III philosophy.
3. Compete against top-quality teams during regular season play in order to attract and retain talented student-athletes.
4. Provide good support systems: athletic training, strength conditioning, rehabilitation to maximize performance, health, safety, and the general physical and psychological welfare of the student-athlete.
5. Provide positive promotion and recognition of individuals as well as of the total athletics program.
GOAL No. 3: An efficient and cost-effective support system for the operation of the existing athletics program should be developed and maintained.
1. Provide essential administrative services, office space and clerical support for coaches and the administrative services, office space and clerical support for the administrative professional/personnel.
2. Provide the personnel and facilities to conduct regular season home athletics events in the manner that encourages spectator attendance, assists in recruiting prospective student-athletes, and attracts potential donors.
3. Provide adequate business office support to ensure compliance with university procedures and strict accountability regarding expenditure of funds.